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Polycom is the number 1 brand in Video Conferencing worldwide.

This is due to several factors, to name a few:

Highest Video Compression achieving HD at 512 Kbps only and Full HD at 1 Mbps. Compare this to the 2-4 Mbps respectively required by Skype for example.

Crystal Clear Video = Unique Lost Packet Recovery Protocol that eliminates the effect of up to 10% packet loss on your non-dedicated Internet Connection such as Corporate ADSL.
With other brands, your only choice for stable video might be a very expensive Dedicated Internet Connection such as Leased Line.

Crystal Clear Voice = Unparalleled Echo Cancellation mechanism built-in in all Group Series Models.

Highest Inter-Operability with other H323/SIP VC Brands including Cisco, Avaya, Lifesize and any other H323/SIP based hardware in the market.

– Only H323/SIP VC brand with Native Microsoft Integration to support Skype for Business without the need for intermediary and additional Servers that cause network delays.

And many, many more features.


Why work with us for your Video Conference needs?

At Tawasul AV, we built enough expertise in Video Conferencing to reach a point where we now have a holistic view of Video Conferencing.

For us, Video Conferencing is not just about the Hardware.

Choosing the right Hardware is crucial for assuring high Video and Audio quality within your Conference Room once the Video Packets have reached your VC system.


But what about what happens outside your Conference Room when Video Packets are traveling throughout the external network like the Internet?

At Tawasul AV, we’ve invested in a robust Polycom Infrastructure that’s too expensive for most Small to Medium Businesses relatively to their Video Conferencing needs.

With this Infrastructure we built our VC Cloud Platform and we provide an affordable yearly subscription plan to register your Polycom Endpoints on it.

So instead of each one of our clients having to buy this expensive Infrastructure again and again, we offer our clients all the connectivity benefits without any big investment, simply as a yearly subscription.


What about the communication options with different devices other than H323 Room Systems?

Our Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) will allow you to invite up to 100 Laptops/Mobiles to join your Polycom Video Call as Guests without the need for them to have any existing video software, license or account. Joining for these Guests is as easy as downloading a free software on their Laptop/Mobile and entering a Meeting ID and they can join your Video Call from anywhere.

Virtual Meetings Room is also a yearly subscription-based service we provide.


Tawasul AV Team

From Room Systems, to VC Cloud, VMR, Auto-Tracking Solutions, Wireless Presentation Solutions, Room Automation, you can count on us to build, deliver and support the right Video Conference Solution tailored for your exact needs.

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