Video Conference Cloud

Video Conference Cloud

(VC Cloud)

At Tawasul AV, we provide a whole and complete Video Conference Solution for our clients.

Connectivity is a crucial component of a successful Video Conferencing deployment.

What good is the best Hardware, if it’s limited in Connectivity to calling only your other remote internal branches for example, while you would like to be able to call your clients as well?

And suppose you already have a Public IP and you’re ready to make calls anywhere over H323, do you know the risks of putting your VC unit on a Public IP?

Many organization make the mistake of extensively planning the Hardware part, and once they deploy their VC Endpoint on their Public IP, they soon start experiencing “Spam Calls” that disrupt all their meetings, become a nightmare and render their whole VC investment useless.

Dialing Robots are programmed by hackers to randomly dial IP addresses looking for VC and Voice Systems that are on Public IP in order to hack and exploit them in a profitable way.

Your company’s Data Firewall won’t help in these instances either.

Investing in the right VC Infrastructure is over-budget for most Small and Medium Organizations who at the end of the day, just want to make Video Calls without investing huge amounts on Infrastructure Servers, hosting these in a Data Center, recruiting and training personnel to maintain and troubleshoot, etc..

At Tawasul AV, we’ve invested in the complete Infrastructure (from Polycom) and we are offering all the security and other benefits of VC Infrastructure through a simple and affordable yearly subscription to our Video Conference Cloud (VC Cloud).

We did this so not every one of our client has to buy this Infrastructure over and over again. Most importantly we did this so that our clients don’t have to choose between a huge investment or being at risk of “Spam Calls” and other security breaches all the time.

When we register your Polycom Endpoint to our Video Conference Cloud (VC Cloud), you will be fully protected while still being able to make calls to anywhere and receive [real] calls from anywhere in the world.

Price Range in 5k precision: AED 10,000 – AED 15,000/year


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